More on moving & bicyclist reminder

I will apparently be moving in with a relative who has a large (almost) “empty nest” set among the corn fields a couple of counties from here. The future remains very flexible and difficult to predict. I have applied for a disabillty, although I have not decided whether I’ll be persistent about it. I have plenty of diagnoses, but if I sit quietly for very long boredom sets in and I find something to do. We shall see.

Cycling reminder: A friend who is now using a power chair has posted her experiences. One of her discoveries is that people ride bicycles on sidewalks in her city, and many of them scare her. I want to remind bicycle riders that riding on the sidewalk is illegal in most places and is more dangerous to the cyclist than the streets if one knows how to ride safely regardless of how it feels. For your own safety, learn to ride well and leave the sidewalks to those who are entitled to use them. I should not need to tell you to give special attention and respect to those who use wheelchairs or walkers.


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