So how ’bout this idea?

I am considering going into trucking. In my case, that would involve a school which presumably would add to my student loan debt. However, it’s probably my best chance of actually becoming able to pay that debt.


The positives: decent income, less physical than much other work, nobody in the workplace with me, and it’s the kind of thing I like based on “small” driving jobs such as courier work.


The negatives: most truckers have sleep issues & weird hours, relatively high occupational hazards (people on four wheels and weather), and issues about social life. 


Comments welcome.


2 thoughts on “So how ’bout this idea?

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    That is true. My particular complication is that I have massive student loan debt that comes from acquiring a BS degree. I still hope to pay that off, so I would have to make quite a bit more money than I need for living expenses.


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