Stupid fever! Stupid chills!

I am posting this one for the graphic on reading. No wonder people sometimes seem ignorant. It’s because they are ignorant.

Wendy The Wanderer

I took 800 mg of Motrin about 2 hours ago and I just drank half a glass of cold water. My temperature was 100.7 despite that. Dang it!!!!

I don’t look as burned up as I feel.


Tonight is the hardest my belly has ever been. It’s making my back hurt something fierce. Just for the heck of it, I looked up abdominal rigidity. Yikes.

I spent the whole time I was gone today holding on to my belly because I was feeling so sick. This waiting for answers is crazy 😦

This info graphic is freaking me out! Books have been a huge part of my life.


OK…the bed is whispering my name…..

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2 thoughts on “Stupid fever! Stupid chills!

  1. Joel

    Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.




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