Posting more often

I’m aware that people don’t follow blogs unless posts appear regularly, at least once a week. I’m going to try for that. Not that I expect to make large numbers of followers or any money with this; I’m not even trying. What I would like to do is give my friends and any family that are interested a way of keeping up with me. I move around, get into “adventures” and back out of some, and so on. There are folks who want to keep up with all of that, and I appreciate them. I’m going to make an attempt to post at least once a week.

The biggest “adventure” I can remember right now for this week is a visit to urgent care yesterday.My right ankle had been bothering me for over a week. Nothing dramatic happened, but it went on so long that I thought I’d get it looked at. They diagnosed word-for-word what I told them I thought had happened, “sprain or strain,” and wrapped it. The doctor asked me if I wanted a pain pill, but you know me better than that. I took naproxin sodium (generic for Aleve) when I got home, and got a ride to my meeting rather than walking as usual. That seems to have worked. I unwrapped it this morning and it feels all right.

(Visitor note: if you’re ever stranded out here and need minor medical help, go to the urgent care on Coshocton Road near K-Mart, not to the emergency room at Knox Community Hospital. They’re parts of the same operation, but the urgent care works much better than the ER. The ER is really a helicopter pad for the Columbus hospitals.)

The weather forecast looks very nice for March, upper 50s and sunny. I’ll be on the bicycle this afternoon. Tomorrow’s forecast is upper 60s (yes!) but with wind, so that will be good for walking.


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