Medical “science”?

I took a cardiac test (echocardiogram) Tuesday. Today, while I was in Walmart and extra busy, the office called with the results. “We didn’t find anything wrong, but we’re writing a prescription for [some drug for hypertension].” What’s wrong with this picture?


7 thoughts on “Medical “science”?

      1. Lucy

        Simple, your heart ifs fine ( the echocardiogram came out OK ) but your blood vessels may not working the way they should… your blood vessels are the ones that give you an elevated blood pressure the medication is to counteract your elevated B/P, SORRY, I can’t give U an anatomy & physiology class on your blog …LOL

      2. Lucy

        Probably they meant ” nothing wrong with your heart ” but your blood pressure is elevated .

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    The only problem with that logic is that they keep telling me they have found “nothing wrong.” If nothing is wrong, let’s not treat it. My blood pressure has been an issue, but I’m treating that elsewhere.


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