Let me say up front, I’d rather deal with spring than winter. I cope with showers, comfortable temperatures, and green scenery much more easily than short days, slick roads, and dangerous temperatures. I’m glad that March has finally gone away.

All the same, I’ve been through several days here in Ohio with showers, rain, and weather warnings. My arthritis tells me when fronts are coming, and it’s not a very nice messenger. People around me get tired of the weather also, and that doesn’t help but can’t be changed–except by a change of scenery. I have a good poncho and I managed to install a front fender on my bicycle, so coping will be easier for the rest of the season.

My assorted sleep issues have not improved. At least this stuff is stable, not getting worse. As some of you know, I was tested for narcolepsy recently. That takes a night and a day. My sleep apnea is about the same, not especially severe and easily treated by the CPAP. (Maybe by alternatives, too.) After that very long test, I learned I do not have narcolepsy. My brain waves do not fit the pattern of narcolepsy, so I’m advised. That’s good; state BMVs treat narcolepsy as a seizure disorder, which would be bad news for driving. All the same, after a sound night’s sleep, I took four naps in a day with no physical, mental, or emotional demands. The diagnosis for that is “hypersomnia,” which seems to be a catchall term for “sleeps too much.” Yeah, we noticed that. Wikipedia gives a long discussion of types and causes, one of which is “idiopathic.” Idiopathic means they don’t know what causes it. Judging by the lack of follow-up, mine is idiopathic. They prescribed generic Ritalin, which did nothing for my ADD and does nothing for my hypersomnia.

So I end up not getting much done. I sit around much of the time with neither physical energy nor mental alertness, and I do not remember to do what needs done. I need to make phone calls about getting a hearing aid and about a medical bill. (I’m on Medicaid with no income; cash payments are not happening.) It helps when I can get my butt off the couch and walk or bike somewhere. That takes time in itself, and it doesn’t carry over long enough once I sit down, but I’m grateful to be able to walk and to bike. Losing either of those abilities would be a disaster.


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