Most to least serious

Most serious: a man died in our jail here (Knox County, Ohio) recently. A jail deputy slammed him against the floor and resulting head injuries caused his death. Video was released of the event that seems to contradict the deputy’s explanation for this. Eventually, the coroner down in Franklin County ruled this death “accidental.” Yep, accidental. This past Saturday, his friends held a demonstration about that on the Public Square. The County Prosecutor put out a press release (on Facebook) talking about gun rights and stating that people would be bringing weapons to the demonstration. No such people were in any way involved in the demonstration, according to a friend who was there that I trust much more than I do the Prosecutor. The media coverage had no mention of firearms, gun rights, etc., either. The Prosecutor’s press release kept some of us (including me) away from the demonstration. I think maybe the prosecutor wants to save someone’s butt up at the jail. The deputy who killed the prisoner is now on a different assignment but has suffered no consequences otherwise.

Interesting observation: a friend writes in his blog of his frustration that the weather in Moab, Utah, has been changing through sun and clouds with occasional rain and wind. We have that weather here in Ohio most of the time, except when we’re having snow, tornadoes, or some other phenomenon. If the weather doesn’t change in a given day, it doesn’t feel like Ohio. I guess our responses are a matter of expectations and perspectives. I’m used to ever changing weather and I adapt. My friend is a photographer who wanted to take a particular kind of pictures in in the usually-clear skies in that area. His plans have been frustrated, even though he has still taken other beautiful pictures, and he plans to move on soon.

Minor topic: I have renewed my driver license. I have not been able to take a picture showing the colors of the new license (and probably should not), but part of it is a peculiar green color. It looks as if  the license had been dropped face down onto a puddle of some sort of chemical, but that color is intentional. I suppose it must be some security feature. Ugly, but supposed to be useful. As with our governor here, I see the ugly but wonder about the usefulness.


One thought on “Most to least serious

  1. WendyUsuallyWanders

    I am loving our Utah weather this year 🙂 The winter was warm and dry, the spring cool and damp. I would rather be rained on when temps are pleasant and I am very grateful when it’s not real hot. Plants grew way ahead of schedule because of the winter warmth and now the rain, rain and more rain is making the flowers, trees and grass nice and lush. I will probably be less thrilled this afternoon. Right when I will be coming home from an appointment, the forecast calls for severe thunderstorms 😮

    There are sooooooooooo many injustices in the world! I do not understand what motivates people to do the wrong thing…..or to take it further and be evil. We all make mistakes, but killing that guy was NOT an accident. Maybe he didn’t mean for him to die, but he sure as heck meant to hurt him 😦 In all segments of society…..bankers, healthcare, politicians, cops, you name it…..that segment sticks up for each other and lets offenders keep offending, without consequences 😦


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