Still here but no phone today

I know that people live on even if they have no phone, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been through it. I tried within the last month to change my Lifeline phone (also known as Obamaphone) from one “service” provider to another. It seemed like a good idea, because the #AssuranceWireless phone has little or no signal in the places I stay. Even though a few minutes are free and a few more are cheap, I decided to use another provider of this privatized service. The real spirit of privatazation, of course, is maximizing profit by providing minimal or worse products or services in exchange for tax dollars. I made five phone calls to #Safelink in my attempt to change providers and failed. The Safelink phone was not activated despite a week’s wait for a second SIM card and my best effort to follow instructions, clarify the results, and understand what had happened.  I have a degree in communication, but that does not include speaking whatever language is native to those people in the call centers.

A few weeks later, yesterday, my free minutes were due on my Assurance Wireless phone. Nothing came, and I sent an email and borrowed a phone. I’ll spare you those unpleasant calls, but my failed application for another service shut down my current service. The end result is that Safelink is sending me a third SIM card for their phone.  When I get that, I’ll have to borrow a phone again and make at least one more call. I do not know whether I will then have phone service. I hope so.


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