Phone Saga Ends

This is my third posting in a row on my phone troubles. As you have probably guessed by now, I have come to detest the Lifeline privatized government phone program. I have participated this long because I have no income, hence no choice. Assurance Wireless gave me service that was useable despite poor customer service, many dropped calls, and frequent lack of any signal at all. I stayed with them, unhappily, for about a year and a half.

Then I decided to change to the supposedly competing Safelink service in order to get a signal that I could use most of the time. I still think Safelink would provide such a signal if I could get through their signup process. I submitted an application in April. I got a phone but Safelink had not ported my number to their phone. I had no choice but to try to work by phone with their “customer service” people, who are located somewhere in Asia, as are Assurance Wireless’s people. (You really didn’t plan on your tax dollars going there, did you?) Five calls later, I gave up on Safelink. They were not done with me.

Some unnamed agency that administers this saw my application for Safelink and shut down my Assurance Wireless when the minutes turned over in mid-June. So Assurance Wireless/Virgin Mobile tells me. The only alternative offered was to try to work through their call center. Assurance Wireless’s call center people speak and understand even less English than Safelink’s, so I called Safelink.

After several more phone calls, a second “basic” phone, and two more SIM cards, I finally got a break. Not from either of the Lifeline programs. They exist strictly to drain tax dollars from the government. I have really good friends. Some of them have a regular-company phone plan, and I am on that month-to-month for now. It’s amazing how nice a business can be if it costs them money to behave like asses. Unfortunately, the Lifeline programs have no such limitations.


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