Ummmmmm…..furious to ecstatic……and around and around

I re-post this not because it’s such an outstanding horror story but because it’s such an ordinary horror story. If you really believe people on or seeking assistance are lazy or criminal, you need to read this lady’s blog.

Wendy The Wanderer


I have talked about this many times. I would like to take Paratransit to my doctor appointments, but it’s $4 each way. The Department of Health kept sending me a punch card for the regular bus….but my Paratransit pass already lets me take the bus or TRAX for free….it just doesn’t let me take Paratransit for free.

I don’t have enough money to pay $8 for transportation each time I go to a doctor, test or procedure. I tried cancelling the health department bus pass several times. It just keeps coming in the mail each month. And each time I asked Medicaid I was told to ask Paratransit….while Paratransit said to ask Medicaid for the free Paratransit rides. Many, many times I was told there was no such program for Paratransit, just for the bus.

Yesterday the Paratransit driver was confused about why I was only going to the hospital…

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