Has Mother Nature had enough of humans?

I remember having an awakening watching George Carlin long ago. He said, “We don’t need to save the Earth. The Earth takes good care of herself and has for billions of years. We need to save the humans.” His point was that the Earth has easily survived everything that’s been thrown at it, but She has eliminated some species along the way. All of the dinosaurs, for example. There are a couple of theories about the dinosaurs, but the bottom line is that some event happened and they could not adapt well enough.

So now we humans dominate the planet. Not for the length of time the dinosaurs did, but we’ve prospered. We have pretty much done as we chose, we have increased our population to the point where we ourselves have problems about that, and we have made structures that can be seen from Earth orbit. However, we apparently are causing trouble for the Earth, and things have begun to happen. In California, the source of so much food, we have made a habit for about a century of using more water than nature provides. Even that is not enough to satisfy users during a prolonged drought, which is under way. California’s land is actually sinking due to the dropping water table. Meanwhile in the Midwest, the drop in the Ogallala Aquifer may be remedied by constant rain. Of course, that same rain is causing extensive flooding. The Northeast is having counter-intuitive long, cold winters along with more rain than we can use. The rest of the world is experiencing similar phenomena. Storms in general tend to be more severe as well.

If, as I do, a person sees the Earth as a living entity, it’s reasonable to wonder whether She has had enough mining, pollution, road-building, and all the rest of human activity. Whether or not people believe She has her own life, the climate is clearly changing. So far, efforts to adapt to the changes have been prevented by politics and monied interests. If we continued to be short-sighted, we will go the way of the dinosaurs, whether Mother Nature got tired of us or we just messed up.


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