I moved.

For those who don’t already know, I have moved back to Columbus. I am getting more than my money’s worth from my bus pass and working on getting to the MetroParks and various other places more. I get to the “good” thrift shops whenever I have money, and that’s paying off nicely.

I live in a building where I lived in 2002 and 2003, on the West Side near Broad and Wilson. The location is great. I’m directly behind Great Western Shopping Center, within walking distance of my necessities and close to a very good bus line. At the same time, it’s much quieter than most places with those advantages. However, the building has different owners now and a 2-year lease. I’ve had stress already with the owners, so I’ll be looking for a place to go when the lease ends, even though the apartment itself is very nice for the price.

For those in recovery, I’m getting to many meetings, probably averaging one a day or more. That helps, of course. Three friends from Mount Vernon came here Saturday to see my Columbus home group. That was fun, and we all enjoyed the meeting

Everything else is the usual up-and-down, but not too drastic. My SNAP (food stamps) was cut quite a bit more than I expected, so I need to look into that. My various illnesses are about the same.

I still lack a way to connect my antenna to my non-digital TV, but I get news streaming on the Internet. There’s no hurry about the rest of TV. I still need shelves/storage and a decent bed,  and the A/C is not the best, but all things considered I’m doing okay.



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