Follow up on fan and A/C

Here we are at 10:30 a.m. (EDT), August 4, 2016. Per Accuweather, the temperature is 77 degrees F (25 C) and the humidity is 78% with the dew point an “oppressive” 70 degrees. I just turned off the little fan because my bare feet were getting too cold. I ran the air conditioner for about two hours earlier and shut it off for the same reason. I’m not depriving myself here. Until I got the fan, I had to run the air conditioner most of the day and sometimes overnight, thus resulting in a high electric bill. That is the point of the fan story. Not poverty, just practicality.

For the people who suggested HEAP (or other subsidized utilities): I qualify by income for those programs, but maybe not by situation depending on which program we discuss. That is, I have no shut-off notice and my utilities are in no danger of that. I would give up the apartment before that happened (and have done so in the past). More importantly, to qualify for HEAP, which is the “big” one, I would have to be on a Percentage of Income Plan Plus. Why not do that? My monthly electric bill would be more than I’m paying now, and I don’t know if they do refunds or lower bills. Let’s not do that. Come winter, I will heat with gas. I doubt that will be enough to be worth the trouble either. I know how to conserve energy, and there’s only one of me. That makes life cheaper.

I still don’t have a microwave oven or TV, but that’s only a minor nuisance, not a serious issue. Please do not tell me how some program or charity will give me a microwave, TV, or a voucher for something if I’m poor enough. If I’m in need, I’ll ask other poor people what to do in person.


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