Getting stuff done . . .

is so much easier than waiting, boredom, and falling asleep without doing things. I had a good day today. Nothing startling happened, but I got the laundry done, picked up a prescription, and bought some groceries at Aldi. (My SNAP/food stamps came in overnight.) After that, I did Internet stuff for a while, went to my meeting, and came home to do a little more. The point is that I didn’t get too drowsy to do things except on the bus home from Aldi, which is harmless, and then not until 9 p.m. I’ll take that.

The laundromat, SC Wash & Tan, had a “grand opening” today. They’ve been in business here a while, so I was startled to get a card about it in the mail earlier in the week. I got my laundry done for free, had a couple cups of free coffee, and found out their wi-fi now works just fine (also free).

I got a muscle shirt and another pair of shorts at the yard sale next door for $1. Once I got the laundry and prescription finished, I showered and changed from my sweaty jeans into the new used clothes. Cool!

I love days when I can just go do things.


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