You Can’t Fix Stupid, But

sometimes you can get what you want out of it. Something called the Medicare Premium Collection Center has sent me a bill for an amount that’s only $2.20 less than my monthly SSI check. They threatened to shut off the Medicare if I don’t pay them by August 25. As most of you have guessed, the $2.20 is pretty close to the amount left in my bank account. I don’t really think I have to pay this, but I have a better idea anyhow. As some of you know, I want badly to go back to the Medicaid I was on before Medicare started causing confusion and trying to make me pay out money I don’t have. With any luck, I’ll be able to just get rid of Medicare. If not, it’s not as if I would ever give those people my rent and utility money. Just not happening. That is comedy, not drama.

Other than that, I’m having a nice quiet time the past few days. The humidity dropped, which is all good for me. I changed the handlebars on my bicycle back to the funny-looking ones I had before and got back to pain-free riding. I kept the other unit in case I sell the bike sometime.

The little fan is still going great. I shut the A/C off this morning because it was too cold in my room to change clothes. As of 6:43 p.m., I have not needed to turn it on again.

I have another doctor appointment tomorrow. I have been using the CPAP to sleep the past few nights, but I’m not impressed. Besides the usual discomfort and nuisance factors, the thing seems to aggravate my asthma. I’ll see what the doctor says, but I think I’m done with it. That little gadget I got (tongue stabilizer) does a better job.

I have shaved my chin whiskers for the moment. The CPAP fails worse when I have them, and I want to see if I’m any cooler without hair on my face. Odds are I’ll either start growing a winter beard some time in September or just grow the goatee back.


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