Good Day

I had a pleasant time although I really wasn’t very productive today, except for a couple of things. I figured out my next move in the Medicare/Medicaid issue, and I successfully avoided exertion in the high heat index. (We had around 90 degrees with a dew point in the mid-70s. Steamy and sticky.  Also, my asthma has been aggravated, probably by the CPAP.) Well, almost avoided exertion. I rode the bike half a mile of less to a yard sale, stood around for a few minutes, and rode back. That’s pretty minor for me. Other than that, I enjoyed my fan and ran the A/C more than usual, but days like this are the real reason I need air conditioning. Of course, getting to a couple meetings helped.

In case you missed it, meteorologist Jym Ganahl at Channel 4 here in Columbus has been talking about the “dog days” of summer. The good news is that they end around August 15, Monday. That’s also the day a cold front is expected, but it could come Sunday. I’ll welcome it either day. I’ve had enough 100-degree heat indexes for sure.

Other than the usual lack of money and food stamps, only one thing stands out as bugging me. That’s not having a microwave. I have yet to contact Salvation Army, and cooking with gas in this weather has come to mean cooking very little after about 9 a.m. I eat things that don’t need cooking or only need very short cooking. That’s ok, but I could eat better if I didn’t have that much heat coming into the apartment. If anyone knows someone who needs to get rid of a working microwave oven, please let me know. I’m broke, but I can pick it up locally with my bike trailer and I’m good for the money September 1.


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