Rain, Sun, Surprise

The rain continued today, but without lightning or strong winds. I gather this is “million dollar rain” for the farmers. Given the importance of agriculture in this state, its real value is probably higher. It didn’t give me any trouble. I just took my Dollar Tree ($1) poncho along. It paid for itself and then some. When I came out of the Downtown meeting, the rain was pouring down. Somehow, I was the only one at the bus stop with rain gear. I have no idea why the other three guys didn’t have any protection. We knew this was coming.

Anyhow, I got home only a little wet and stayed inside for a while. I checked out a senior citizen (55+) subsidized apartment building Downtown via Internet. My rent would drop very nicely, making my check enough to live on. Indeed, I’d live well, by my standards. Of course, that’s a long term project. For now, I have to work on getting my deposit paid where I already live.

The rain continued into afternoon, but the temperature never rose much. Without the heat, the heat index stayed relatively low, and that’s good for me. I had more energy than I’ve had lately, so I walked all the way to Dollar Tree for a few things and got my money’s worth from the poncho all over again. Later this afternoon, the rain quit and sunshine broke out. For a moment there, the rain and sun were going on at the same time.

I later read an article in Columbus Alive on the trail outside. Somehow, the politicians and bureaucrats are claiming it will help folks in the Hilltop get to places with better paying jobs. I think they’re delusional or crooked. Getting poor people to Dublin or Polaris, where most of the good jobs are, will take far more than a few miles of pavement and some bike lanes on the main streets. Workers can already get to OSU, Downtown, and some other places that have good jobs by bus. If they could get the jobs, their money problems would be over for a while and they would probably move anyhow. I wrote a comment on a few parts of that.

About the time I finished my comment, I glanced outside and saw a little red car go by very fast. It was probably doing 60 mph (around 96 kph) on our quiet residential street.  A sheriff’s deputy followed closely and almost the same speed. I’m grateful no local people were harmed. We have no sidewalks here.More law enforcement showed up from the Columbus Police, Franklin Township Police and more deputies. They stopped around a three-story building three doors up the street. A helicopter circled overhead and a canine unit came walking up. The whole neighborhood was outside watching. We’re not used to this. I have never seen anything close to this here, and I lived here for 15 months before. Indeed, I’ve never seen anything quite like this in the Hilltop. Other parts of the Hilltop have drug dealers, prostitution, and people who are clearly drunk or high, but nothing like this. When my brain started operating, I worried about so many people in an area where maybe a dozen officers with guns drawn were looking for someone. I put the evening news on to find out what started this. Fox 28 said nothing about it. I’m not getting anything from Channel 10 (CBS) either. That’s a lot of people and equipment to be about nothing newsworthy. I guess I’ll check tomorrow.



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