A Little Improvement

I wasn’t on “the wrong side of the world” today, although we had rain off and on. I recognized early on that sitting too much was making my breathing issues gradually worsen, so I caught a bus to Aldi’s. The location I use is being remodeled, so that’s an incentive to consider going elsewhere.

Transit differs from other transportation in that distance takes second or third place in my routing priorities. Waiting time becomes a key factor instead. Busy routes like the #10 (where I live) and the #1 and #2 run much more often than, say, the #11 or #18 or crosstown buses. Therefore, a person might save time by going further or have trouble going somewhere close. For example, I checked on a route to a gathering I used to attend when it met on West Broad Street (easy). This has been moved to Fishinger Road in Hilliard. That’s 7 or 8 miles by car. It’s too far for me to bike, and I have no access to a car. The bus ride involves three different bus routes, or two for the return trip, including a long and winding ride on a crosstown route either way. It takes an hour and a half each way. No, I don’t attempt that. What’s worse is that the nearest Walmart is another example. That location, Georgesville Road, is only 3.4 miles, but the bus trip is pretty much a nightmare. Last time I went to the Walmart, it was the one on East Main, which is at least twice as far but a much easier bus trip. Going from the West Side to the  East Side, even Reynoldsburg, is pretty easy, even though it’s further. Almost everywhere north or northeast of Downtown is accessible, too.

Google maps long bus route

Anyhow, I picked up a couple of things and came back feeling better for having been out of my apartment and having walked to and from the bus stops.

The “accomplishment” in my day was a call to an insurance company. They sent a letter advising they would not cover any more of one of my prescribed drugs. They said they had already dispensed a 30-day supply. That fell afoul of the fact that I don’t have money for the co-pay. My duty was to let them know not to pay for drugs I didn’t get, but of course I went into the whole sorry adventure of Medicare, Medicaid, and that company (Humana) springing this on me. The lady I talked to told me that my premiums are now covered but had no answer to my inability to afford co-pays. Right this minute, I’m no sure all of those medications put together (8 prescriptions, I think) are doing me any good anyhow. I’m not going to worry about it today.

Oddly enough, my back has been hurting today. I’m not sure exactly how that works, except that I’ve spent too much time sitting in this chair. I’m going to stop that by going to bed.


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