“Next right thing” day

In my life, much depends on attitude. Yesterday we got more rain and humidity. The humidity is what really bothers me. All the same, I get to choose my attitude. I chose to remain calm, not go into my foul-weather foul-attitude mode, which is basically whining in my head. Even though nobody else hears that nowadays, I get tired of hearing it. Instead, I decided to go about doing the “next right thing” (the next ONE right thing immediately in front of me, no getting ahead of myself) for the day in front of me.

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain

My original plan was to do laundry early in the day at my ex-wife’s place. Obviously, we get along well, and she has a washer and dryer. I realized by 8 a.m. that the rain had cancelled my plan. When I called her, she suggested that I go there in the afternoon instead. The rain was expected to take a break then, so I agreed. She has a reason for not running the dryer when the heat is bad, but the air temperature wasn’t high enough to be an issue.

So now I had some quiet time in front of me. I did some email and other Internet stuff, then did what I do, headed to a meeting. The humidity was stifling as I waited for my bus. I worried a little about it being too much for me to transport my laundry later, but it was not time to make that decision, so I didn’t.

I enjoyed my meeting, came back here, and re-checked the weather. The humidity was too much to walk there (1.4 miles, about 2.25 km), but I could get away with bicycling. I loaded my bag of laundry onto my hand truck, hooked my hand truck to my bike and away I went.

That worked out. I got to see all the grandkids (on Loretta’s side of the family) all at once. Loud but cool. By the time I came home, the humidity had subsided, I was caught up with laundry and family, and I’d had a pretty good day. I rested the rest of the day, but didn’t blog here because my sleep called me, as it had a couple of other times yesterday. It’s a disabling condition, but I’m still grateful it’s not painful.

So now we shall see what today brings.


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