TV violence, hope, and alcoholic logic

I’m sitting here watching the 10 o’clock news stream on Fox 28. I think maybe 28 focuses more on the violence and crime in this city, but maybe not. There has been a shooting tonight at Wedgewood Apartments, large complex off Sullivant Avenue. I’m pretty brave, but I don’t go in there at night. What I always remember is that 98% of the people in Wedgewood are not violent, not thieves, not dangerous. They’re just poor, and too many of them become victims of the few dangerous ones. The victims can’t just go home. They are home, until they can find a way out.

On a low income, the places people can live are limited. I’m in a somewhat safer area, but I’m living here by doing without things like a microwave or TV. I am willing and able to do that, but not many are. The other choices for people in Wedgewood are places like Linden and Driving Park. On a given day or night, those places might be more dangerous than Wedgewood.

Two other stories offer some hope. One showed a meeting in Linden for people from all these neighborhoods with police, working to find solutions to the violence. The other discussed a big event at Dodge Park in Franklinton beginning tomorrow evening seeking to help heroin addicts. I hope some of this changes life for those folks. It’s hard staying away from the few dangerous people anywhere, but a low income and responsibility for children can make it all but impossible to escape the roughest areas.

All the same, my particular life is pretty good, regardless of what’s going on elsewhere or my money shortage. I’ve been in a couple of meetings today and I am also slowly figuring out things I need to know about my health and my medical insurance. Most of all, I don’t have to feel the awful isolation and fear of active addicts and their families. My recovery let me leave that behind. If I (or anyone) could say clearly how much difference that makes, meetings would probably be held in stadiums.

I’m glad to say the rough stuff on the news is over. The other “major” story is about those Olympic athletes who tore up a gas station in Rio while partying, paid for the damage at gunpoint, and told a very different story the next day. I wonder if they were in alcoholic blackouts. That’s the simplest explanation. They might very well have remembered the gun pointed at them and handing over money, but nothing else. They would have made up the rest just to fill in the blanks. If you think that’s outlandish, go to an open AA meeting and ask some alcoholics.

The weather continues muggy. Both Fox 28 tonight and NBC 4 last night promise a break by Monday. I hope so. I can’t go do outdoorsy things in this.


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