Different Day, Different Life


I know people say, “Tomorrow will be a better day,” but sometimes I just need proof. That would be today.

I “knew” today would be rough, at least because I slept poorly last night and gave up trying before 6:00 a.m. By 8:30 this morning I was back in bed. I was there a long time for me, at least 40 minutes, not all of it sleeping. When I rose again, I had what I needed. Yesterday’s headache was gone with no penalty of (further) sleepiness beyond an ordinary day. Wow. If I could bottle and sell that change, I’d be rich in a few months. If I could explain it, I would. It’s a Greater Power deal, I guess.

By the time I got organized, it was 10 a.m. I went to the noon meeting and came home planning to go to Morse Road, a long bus ride, to turn in a paper. I ate again and realized that I’d get there late in the day. By that time, I felt restless enough to go simply to get out of here. It has been another sunny, beautiful day. This time I was able to enjoy it.

I took the ride, about an hour and a half. When I pulled a number, I realized I had over a hundred people ahead of me. I left, but made a little use of my time. I had seen a stand outside offering Lifeline (Obama phone) service. I checked on that, but that particular service only offers 250 minutes. If you know me, you know I talk more than that, sometimes in a couple days, and the unlimited texts wouldn’t do much for me. I like to talk. All the same, it was good information and the first concrete step in a process.

I had a good news/bad news trip home. The bad news is that I wanted to eat a snack I had with me. The good news is that all three of my buses came so soon that I only ate half of my snack (granola bars) before my last stop. Food or no food, that’s a good transit ride, especially because I didn’t plan it at all.

After I got home, I received a neatly-timed call from my friend who is responsible for the cell plan I’m on and has access to my cell usage, currently with unlimited talk and text. I have already used 850 minutes in this billing period! I knew 250 was too low, but hadn’t realized I talk that much. None of the Lifeline plans covers more than 500 minutes without charging. Also, the last two “free” phones I got wound up in the trash. I let that idea go. My friend will check on some alternatives with the company she’s on now.

I even cleaned my front window. That was dirty when I got here and it has bothered me. I used the old “vinegar and newsprint” advice. I got several layers of grime off, and I’ll go back over it later when I have a squeegee.

All in all, I went from one of my roughest days in years to one that was pleasant and productive in under 12 hours. I can only chalk that one up to a Higher Power. Thanks!



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