Humidity, Sinus Fixing

It’s 3:45 p.m. (15:45 for those in other places) as I begin writing, and the weather numbers below are the best I could do with copying that section of  Accuweather’s page  for Columbus, Ohio. Our “RealFeel”® temperature is the same as that in Tucson, Arizona. Some of my friends may recall telling me how hot Arizona is in the summer. Well, maybe.
More important to me is the humidity. Not relative humidity, which is too complicated to follow very well, but absolute humidity. That is the total amount of moisture in the air. It’s measured by “dew point.” Our local CBS affiliate has a chart of how we feel with various dew points, but it only goes up to 70 F, “oppressive.” We have had dew points well above oppressive all day. I got out earlier long enough to do laundry (thanks, Loretta!), came back, and stayed in. I will consider later whether the humidity will allow me to ride a bus to my meeting.
88° RealFeel® 99°

Mostly cloudy

  • 12 mph
  • Humidity: 67%
  • Pressure: 30.02 in
  • UV Index: 3
  • Cloud Cover: 75%
  • Ceiling: 17800 ft
  • Dew Point: 76° F
  • Visibility: 10 mi

Other than that, how’s it going? I’ve skipped blogging two nights in a row because of exhaustion. Part of that was due to sinus trouble.

The time has come to rely on something other than trying to follow doctors’ orders in my medical issues. My sinuses were beyond the reach of saline spray bottles and my budget is truly extreme. When I came across a reminder of the ancient practice of sinus washing (a.k.a. Neti pots), that got my attention. I had the ingredients on hand and only needed a container to pour them.

According to the recipe here (American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology), I mixed the salt and baking soda, stored that until I was ready, then mixed with distilled water. I won’t even tell you what I used to spray it the first time for fear someone else will try that foolish method. I was desperate. Even doing it wrong, I got results right away. (It was gross but effective.) I immediately went to work trying to figure out a more acceptable container.

The next day (yesterday), I used my bus pass to wander around a little bit and wound up at Dollar Tree. While I looked for something else, a “Yeti Pot” caught my eye. Yep, a cheap version of the expensive item made for the purpose. I had to scrape to come up with the $1, but it had to happen. I’m very pleased. My sinuses work much better, I spent almost nothing, and I won’t have to fight the insurance about it.



8 thoughts on “Humidity, Sinus Fixing

  1. lcy

    That’s me again, sorry you have been feeling under the weather…just a friendly reminder, it’s not easy to treat a sinus headache what is MUCH more easy is to PREVENT it & you do so by ROUTINELY ( every day ) rinsing them with filtered H2O + the salt/baking soda mixture whatever works best for you. I suffered for years with those horrendous headaches until I began rinsing my know on a daily bases, I have NOT had a sinus headache in 10 years !! Incredible how something so simple can be so effective.
    PS: wondering if you used a WINDEX- like sort of spray bottle…LOL.

  2. lcy

    LOL, I keep trying to type without looking at the key-board, thus the errors… please read: I been rinsing my NOSE on a daily bases.. Sorry about the typo.

    1. foothillbilly Post author

      That’s ok. I have professional typing skills and I make a few typos too. I’m on the other end, though. I can’t look at the keyboard after around twenty years of data entry, customer service, etc. It takes me forever to find the letters with my eyes instead of my fingers. I want to reassure you that I’m using my system very regularly and getting relief.

  3. foothillbilly Post author

    After that first time, I stumbled across a Neti Pot knockoff at Dollar Tree and literally spent my last dollar on it. I’ve been using it regularly. As far as the first time, it wasn’t an ordinary spray bottle. That would be relatively sane; merely a little desperate. As I stated before, I will not reveal what I actually used, not only because it was very foolish (and makes me look bad) but because someone, somewhere would try it and my conscience won’t stand for that.

    1. lcy

      That BAD, uh ??!!! have you used the vacuum cleaner ? LOL.

      In the far pass when I often suffered from those horrendous sinus headaches in more than an opportunity I felt tempted to grab the vacuum cleaner – I never did, but desperation sometimes leads to crazy interventions.
      We are all different with different styles & preferences, I tried the Neti Pot, but I could never manage it well, the water runs -uncontrolled- from my nose to my chin-to neck…pretty messi for me. I prefer the bottle for I can control the flow & the pressure of the solution in it, but that’s me. 2 o 3 of my friends like the Neti Pot better.
      Glad your sinuses a doing better, those headaches are not picnic, believe me, I know !!!

  4. foothillbilly Post author

    No, I have not tried power tools to solve this problem. (My nightmare/fantasy involved a drill.) I will probably try the spray bottle in time because I think I’d like it better. In the meantime, I’m happy as anything to have the pot.

  5. lcy

    A D R I L L …wow, you’re radical, the disadvantage with of @ drill is that it may go thru ALL THE WAY to your gray matter !!! LOL. The disadvantage of using the vacuum-cleaner is that your may have to collect your gray matter from the vacuum’s collection bag where IT may get pretty dusty ! LOL.
    Glad the Neti Pot is working for you.

  6. foothillbilly Post author

    The drill notion originally came up with cluster headaches when my gray matter was not working at all. The sinus headaches are not as severe as that (I’ve read that nothing is), but they are quite enough to bring that thought back. I’m also really glad the Neti (or Yeti lol) Pot is working, too, and I hope it continues to serve you well also.


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