Outlasting the Weather

The weather people keep telling us the humidity will go away next week. That was the story two weeks ago. Last week was just as bad as ever after a couple of nice days. Last week they said it would ease off this week. Now they’re predicting 90 degrees F (32 C) and the same stifling humidity we have suffered through all of August.

It’s the weekend, and I’m taking a short break from all the bureaucracy involved in surviving poverty. I still need to get my address straightened out with Social Security. The young man who seemed to think I was senile made exactly the mistake I tried to tell him about. That’s only a minor annoyance today. I’ve come to expect this at every agency that’s supposed to help me. The SNAP snafu has yet to straighten out, but I have enough food left to avoid food pantries. If anyone wants to experience society’s attitude toward poor people, they could visit a food pantry. I’ve experienced more respect from the other person in a fist fight.

I will continue to take care of myself by staying indoors or on air-conditioned buses until the forecasters are finally right about the humidity dropping. As much as I like walking and cycling, I like breathing well even more. I’ll probably get more phone calls and Internet forms finished, too.

The sinus issue seems to be clearing up nicely. That’s good, because it aggravates the lung problems, I think. The weather is aggravating enough.

All in all, my major problem at the moment is boredom, and I have the whole Internet at my fingertips to work on that one. Also, I have over 900 Kindle items, almost all free books, that work even without Internet. I have tried again to work with my antenna, but I suspect the problem is the connection on the TV end. I’m working on testing that.

Ok, the news is streaming. Talk to you later.


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