Off the track and on the bus

I got a little off the beaten track today on my bike. I didn’t have a camera with me, so this picture is after I scraped away enough mud to let my wheels turn and rode on home.

bike mud pic rear wheel up close street side 1

Rear wheel. The red mud-caked item on top of the rack is my lock.

You can’t see as much detail as I’d hoped. I’m not a great photographer.

I was checking out a trail our mayor and some of his friends rode a few weeks ago, only I decided to check the progress of the parts they didn’t reach. The gravel part was ok and the dirt was good enough for a while, but apparently it rained again last night and I had to avoid mud in several places. I was within sight of the next trail head location when I ran out of trail at a deep construction-type hole. I turned around but didn’t dodge all the mud holes correctly on my return trip, and my fender packed with mud until it stopped me. This is why no mountain bikes have “regular” fenders. Having no tools at all with me, I dug enough of the mud out with the end of my small cable lock, kicked away some more, and rode on home. Messy, but fun.

The heat index was already high enough by the time I got home, but I decided a few hours later to take a library book back by bus. That’s not recommended by experts either, but I got away with it by timing my walks to and from the bus and library carefully. I did well enough, but I was right on the limit of what I can risk in this weather.

Other than that, I’ve had a fairly nice, quiet day. No storms have reached us here so far, despite a couple of thunder claps and some wind. Accuweather says “rain and a thunderstorm starting in 58 minutes.” I hope to be asleep by then.


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