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(That’s not my picture. This one is from the National Park Service.)

I enjoyed today, even though I didn’t get out much. What I did get was a day without air conditioning. Yes! Today’s temperature came close to yesterday’s, but the dew point dropped nicely. With a dew point around 60 F, my fan was moving air all day instead of the air soup that has been here all through August. I left the a/c off from 7 a.m. until about 8:30 p.m. We’re expecting a cold front tomorrow that will give us three very nice days Friday through Sunday. I hope that prediction holds.

I felt better physically, and the sinus wash is working along with the improved weather. That means I can get more done in “mental” as well as physical work. I had no errands or chores awaiting me outside, so I spent most of my day in research and reading.

As many of you know, I’m always fascinated with places I could possibly live or visit. I spent much of this afternoon studying Asheville, North Carolina, on various Internet sources. (I’ll share those if anyone is interested.) Asheville is high enough in the mountains to have a climate similar to ours in Columbus, Ohio, but with less snow and more sunny days. The summer comfort level is slightly better than ours. The air quality is outstanding, and it seems I’d do well there with my health issues. They seem to have better transit than any place I’ve either lived or studied of their size (over 80,000). To top it off, Asheville is one of the few places with those advantages where the rents run lower than Columbus’s on the size of apartment I’d need. (You wouldn’t want to buy a house there, though. That’s a whole different story.) Will I ever move there? I don’t know. I’m staying in Columbus for now.

However, if I get my way, I’ll go through Asheville again, because the Blue Ridge Parkway runs just south of town. I drove that Parkway once, and if I have my way I will again. It’s an absolutely beautiful drive, and I’d like to take more time on it than the four days I was there with Loretta about ten years ago. There are many overlooks, short hikes, and side trips that we skipped. I could probably spend at least a week on that 469 mile drive, and another day on Skyline Drive, which runs around 50 miles through Shenandoah National Park northeast of the Parkway and connects directly to it. I’d start with Skyline Drive and go the whole way, slowly.

However, I’d skip Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the other end because we cut through there the last time and it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way across the Park and on through Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on the north side of the park. We drove about 20 miles in around an hour. What I’d do instead would be to explore the western end of North Carolina and/or East Tennessee, making a point of seeing the Cumberland Gap along the way.

Wow. I got so involved in writing about that trip that I forgot to watch the 10 o’clock news. Guess I’ll stay up late and catch the 11 o’clock newscast instead.

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