Nice Day, Except for the Stink

I have had a nice day. The weather has gone exactly as predicted. The high temperature was a little lower than yesterday, then the cold front came through with, basically, scattered showers. The temperature has dropped so much that even the humidity isn’t bothering me much. That humidity will drop nicely overnight.

I had intended to clean the mud from last Sunday off my bike today at Loretta’s. She had a place to go this morning, and she offered to call me when she got home so I could do that. She didn’t call. I assumed her morning ran longer than she expected, because her chore involved dealing with bureaucracy. I went on to my meeting and confirmed my guess later.

On our way home, we drove past a TV interview in progress at Valleyview Elementary School. I just saw it on the news (Fox28). The report covered the incredible stink of that rotting ham left over from the warehouse fire on Valleyview Drive. The interviewee was the principal (I think) of the school. The removal has begun, but is slowed by some requirement to separate the recyclables from the food. How about they hurry up so those people can breathe freely again?

I had a nice quiet afternoon, but felt restless. I wanted to get that mud off the bike, and taking the fenders off was part of the project. I finally remembered my 6′ x 8′ tarp. I spread that in the bedroom to catch the by-now-dried mud. That went pretty well. I took the fenders off and put them in a tote until I get around to them. The wheels and frame I wiped down with soapy water. The only mishap was that my three-sided Allen wrench somehow got stuck in the head of a 4mm bolt.I never saw that particular thing happen before, and I didn’t see it coming. I’ll work on that one more later.

Tomorrow, I’m expecting my direct deposit. Rent and bills will almost swallow that whole, but I have a shopping list all the same. It’s a long list, but most of the items are small, cheap things. The food benefit will apparently come in on the 6th and not increase, so I’ll get enough food to get by until then.


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