Enjoying the Weather; Speed Bump

The first great thing about today: I left the air conditioning off all night and all day. The current prediction is for summer to make a comeback next week, but it’s September now. I look forward to the next two months or so. Just before 8 p.m., I closed the windows because I was cool enough. I re-opened them about 15 minutes later, but left the fan off.

I rode the bus today, with stops at a Green Party rally in Bexley, the library there, and the Walmart on East Main Street. That Walmart is further away but easier to reach by bus than the Georgesville Road store. Their layout is different, too. I finally found the clearance aisles today. Yes! I always look through those just in case they have something I need. If they do, the price is unbeatable.

I had a wait for some of my buses. This weather lets me enjoy that by people watching or just soaking in the weather. I took my folding stool (like a backless bag chair) along for the rally, and it came in handy at the bus stop leaving Bexley eastbound, which has no shelter or bench.

Both buses coming home (#2 and #10) were packed. Maybe it was the holiday. The weather note is that the air conditioning on the #10 was too cold. In a way, that’s a good thing. It means to me that the weather is changing too fast for the driver to keep up.

I have been feeling so much better lately that I considered trying to get off disability and go back to work. That hit a snag today.

Bump sign

(My picture of a sign across the street)

I continue breathing better, but the sleepiness (or “hypersomnia”) that put me on disability came back big time. I boarded the first bus at around 10:30 this morning. By 10:40, I was too drowsy to work or drive. I stayed awake enough to avoid missing bus stops, but spent much of the day dazed. As far as I know, I never fell asleep in a clinical sense, but I only had from a few minutes to half an hour at a time of true alertness. That has continued since I got home. I fight hard to avoid naps late in the day because I want to sleep well at night.

I remain grateful for not having a more painful disease, but this is still a reality check. I slept better than usual last night, and for the life of me I cannot come up with a cause for this. It’s just the nature of my diagnosis. If I cannot at least predict when this will happen, I will need to refrain from driving, much less working.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Weather; Speed Bump

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    I was treated several years ago for ADD with generic Ritalin, Strattera, and Welbutrin. None of them had any effect at all other than constipation. I have been treated for the hypersomnia with Vyvanse. No result at all. In the last month or so, I’ve been having issues about co-pays, so when I ran out of Vyvanse weeks ago, I simply stopped taking it. No change from that either.

    I would think the “system” would have better treatments for the hypersomnia if they knew a cause for it, but they have no clues in my case. A test proved that it happens, and they said I don’t have the right brain waves for narcolepsy, but that’s as far as it went.


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