Enjoying the Day I Have

We have had another beautiful day, and I made the most of it. I usually get a ride to a meeting place about three and a half miles (5.6 km) away, but today my ride decided to stay home and watch a college football game on TV. I saw it as a chance for a bicycle ride. That was very nice. We had wind, but when the wind was in my face I had a downhill ride. When I rode uphill, the wind at my back helped. Win-win. It’s great to feel good, even though I had another unplanned nap today.

I have still not needed the air conditioner in this nice stretch of weather. The forecast says we will see more hot and humid weather this coming week, but I’m enjoying what we have now. Also, September has begun. The heat and humidity can’t last too much longer.

I have missed Tucson, AZ, ever since I spent a couple of months there in 2008. I still do. However, even if I had the chance to go back, a look at the wildfire maps makes me wonder how well I’d tolerate the smoky air that seems to cover the entire West. I think I’ll just wait here and see what happens before I even think about going anywhere.

I bought another Dollar Tree shower curtain today. Those cheap ones don’t last like better quality items, but the arithmetic tells me that, for now, cheaper is better. I have come up with another way to hang this one (no rings yet). I will post pictures if it works out.

I feel sure there’s more to write about, but for the life of me I can’t remember any of it. I guess that’s my body telling me I need sleep. [Yawns again] If there’s more, I’ll save it for another time.



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