I have had a nice morning and a very sleepy afternoon and evening. I’m tired of being sleepy, and I have found nothing I can do about it.

I woke up this morning after a solid eight hours’ sleep and got through my morning routine just fine. My meditation is going very well. I picked up some free meditation apps for my little tablet and have been meditating to music daily. That gives me serenity and clarity I value. I have also begun to eat oatmeal for breakfast, which gives me nutrition quickly and costs next to nothing. The bus downtown ran on time, not early, which helps.

I have “hypersomnia.” That just means “sleeps too much” (in the daytime) and is the term the experts use when they don’t know the cause, except that it’s not narcolepsy. I got my diagnosis after a 20-hour test in a sleep lab. That proves I have hypersomnia, but does nothing to treat it.


After the morning meeting, I caught the 10:30 #10 back here. I first noticed a little drowsiness as we cruised through Franklinton, and by 11:30 I knew I was not going to do much right away. I just needed to be alert enough to fix lunch safely. I got through that. Two or three more cups of coffee beyond the one at the meeting did nothing to change my drowsiness, and I took two naps during the afternoon, with more cups of coffee between them. I finally awoke relatively refreshed around 5:30 pm. I watched a little news, figured out how to hear the radio broadcast of the Indians baseball game online (very low volume, but workable; they won with a walk-off hit), and turned on Bluegrass Ramble from WOSU Public Radio, streaming online. Somewhere in all that, I fell back into the drowsiness and am just now (8:30 p.m or 20:30) coming out of it. I have not had a hypersomnia day this bad in quite some time, probably three months or more. Back then, I was taking Vyvanse for it, which did little to change anything.

I have had enough caffeine today to make a statue nervous, and that doesn’t even keep me from falling asleep. If I didn’t lie down, I would nod off and end up falling off my chair like a drunk dropping from a bar stool. I would rather fight this, and I do when I can. It was wasted effort today.

I don’t want to be helpless any more than anyone else, but in this I am. Unless and until someone can figure out what causes this and do something about it, I’m as disabled as I would be if I had uncontrolled seizures or some other similar issue. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad I don’t have seizures or some painful illness, but any time I don’t take this seriously I’m reminded of just how serious it is. I have no pain from it, but I lose time to it and I must recognize the threat to my safety if I try to drive or do anything at all requiring alertness at times when I cannot be alert.

Ok, rant over for now.


6 thoughts on “Hypersomnia

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    Having had both, I would gladly do that trade. A planned nap in the afternoon took care of the effects of my insomnia, and I had the rest of my time to use as I chose. I learned not to fight the insomnia, and I caught up on my reading or did other chores while others slept.

    My life is not as rough as it could be, and I recognize that. I have friends who suffer quite a bit more from their illnesses. Just the same, I am frustrated with this and will continue to look for ways to change it.

    1. lcy

      Like you say, having had both now you’re been able to compare, seems like you chose the least of 2 evil. It makes sense that is better to fall sleep when you plan to do it versus falling asleep any time, anywhere. I guess my situation is a bit better than yours, to celebrate I’ll take a nap… IF I’m able to fall asleep ! LOL.

    1. lcy

      I didn’t take IT as an offense, it was JOKE I tried to crack on you !
      I enjoy your blog, like your writing style, by reading your descriptions is easy for me to make a mental picture on how the events in your life take place. Have super ( sleepless ) day !


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