I’m having one of those days where machines fight back and people just do whatever they do without reference to their job duties or anything else. I’m going to write this before anything else happens.


I actually woke up early today, 5:30 a.m. I did a longer meditation than usual and felt good as the day began. I sketched out a plan that included either a quick grocery trip or a haircut and shower between doing laundry and my doctor appointment. My Higher Powers must have had a chuckle over that.

I got rolling a little after 9:00 a.m. and started the laundry around 9:30. Not as early as I’d hoped, but not bad. The laundry took twenty minutes more than the two hours “most” I’m used to and the bulk of it was not completely dry even then. In the meantime, I’d checked the bus schedules on my little tablet and determined I had to leave for my appointment at around 1:00 p.m. I loaded the laundry back on the cart without trying to finish it and noticed I had a broken spoke on the bike. I rode home that way, but if I keep riding the bike more spokes will break until I fix the wheel or ruin it. I finally got home after noon, still needing to put the clothes away and eat a good meal to carry me through the doctor’s appointment an hour-and-a-half bus ride (each way) away. I re-checked the times on my “real” computer and found I had until about 1:30 p.m., still not time to fix a filling meal and do things like unhitching the cart and changing shoes along with handling the clothes. I quickly spread most of the clothes out on my bed to dry in the air flow from the air conditioner and hoped for the best. I ate whatever I could along the way to the bus stop. (I forget what that was.)

It’s good that I got to the bus stop early, because the time the bus came did not match either the printed schedule at the stop or the times Google Maps and the COTA (transit) web site gave me. I got downtown and waited for the second bus, the dreaded #16. The #16 seems to have the worst of both buses and drivers, and the route winds back and forth across a major area of the city. This one came out of sync as well, but by then I had realized that today was the day most of the schedules change. To add to the fun, the #16 had a long detour around some construction on Cassady Avenue. I arrived at my appointment a minute or two late, not twenty minutes early as I usually do.

As I entered the office, a woman in purple scrubs kept barking at me to “wait behind the stop sign,” several times. Nobody else was in the area, and I was trying to check in at the reception desk. It turned out the office has those guide things to keep people (who were not there) in line, and on the front end of those were little curled-up signs saying “stop.” The lady in purple didn’t explain any of that. I guessed she was just coming back from lunch or somewhere and was supposed to be my receptionist. She managed to annoy, scare, and confuse me all in a few seconds.

The rest of the appointment went relatively well. They’re not calling in prescriptions for the medicines I refuse to pay co-pays for even if I had the money. That leaves two out of the former seven, the blood pressure prescription and an “acid reducer,” both of which actually treat conditions I actually have. The only snag was at the very end when the doctor said I “didn’t need” the Vyvanse, which is supposed to treat my hypersomnia. According to that statement, I either didn’t have my disabling condition or didn’t need treatment for it. I had to make the point that I needed it but that the Vyvanse didn’t do anything as we walked up the hall. I don’t know if he listened, though. I think I’m about through with those three-hour bus rides that do me little or no good. Anybody with an M.D. or D.O. can call in refills for non-controlled substances I’ve been on for years. Why go halfway to Johnstown? I finally got out of there around 4:00 p.m.

I waited about twenty minutes for the returning #16 bus. I noticed a scent as I boarded, but made the reasonable assumption that the driver was just wearing perfume or cologne for some reason. Wrong answer. Whatever it was permeated the whole bus  and triggered my asthma. I had a hard time breathing and needed to get off that bus, but not until we reached the point where that line overlaps another. Otherwise, I would be sitting in the heat and humidity (returned full force as predicted) for too long. That’s not much better than choking on the perfume. I explained the asthma to the driver, who said it was a very pretty scent. Anyhow, I finally escaped when we reached East 5th Avenue.

After about ten minutes, a #6 bus came along. Other than the rush-hour crowd, I had an ordinary (relief!) trip home. The passenger next to me on the #10 would have been an attractive woman except she was wearing scrubs. I’d had enough of those for today, and I said nothing to her, not even a civil “hello.” Sylvan Avenue never looked so good. I finally got home about 6:05 pm. I put the clothes away, wrinkles and any remaining moisture be damned.

Those two prescriptions are waiting for me at Kroger’s, or will be after 3 pm tomorrow. I’ll pick up the blood pressure medicine and think about the other one. I might be able to get it as an over the counter item cheaper than the co-pay.

In the meantime, I’m going to finally watch a newscast (streaming the 6 o’clock edition around 8 p.m.) and take it easy. Enough is enough.

Well, no, that’s not what happened. Lori called. Verizon has been billing her for service to the tablet I have with me for months, and their service to it has been shut off for at least six months. Can you say “Crooked telecom”? Then a door-to-door salesman for Time Warner Cable showed up.  Any company that can send people door to door in this century is paying out too much money. Something’s wrong with that. I repeat, “Crooked telecom.”

I’m shutting my door and lowering the blinds. Enough!



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