Getting It Done

I’ve had a very up and down day with the hypersomnia. I got away with a little bit as far as the asthma. All in all, it went well enough.

I waited here this morning, and Sean changed the lock today. The new one works exactly as it should. While he was here, he turned down the thermostats on the electric hot water heater. That ought to lower both the electric bill and the risk of scalding. That made it a good morning.

I had decided I wanted to shop at a Dollar General. I usually like those better than their competitor, and with the bike down I wanted to take a bus and not walk too much. I took my time because I felt a little sluggish and a little worried about the muggy weather. I finally got going around 1:00 p.m. (13:00) and had a slow trip to the DG deep in the Central Hilltop, on Sullivant near Whitethorn. That location doesn’t sell much that I buy. I suspect they sell high-markup snacks and highly processed foods to the poor folks living there simply to make more money. I seem to remember better products and better prices at most of the DG stores I’ve seen.

Getting away with the asthma in this weather depends on sitting quietly and not being outdoors too long. Waiting for the #6 bus back to my part of the city was the riskiest part of that plan. Fortunately for me, the bus arrived just as I began to look for somewhere indoors to go. I began to feel sleepy after I caught that bus.

The trip was my one constructive thing to do today, and I included a stop at Kroger’s near home to pick up my prescriptions. Apparently, someone yesterday put a note into their system for a manager/pharmacist to talk to me because I told them yesterday that I would take my future business elsewhere. I politely refused to change my mind about that. Staying polite was a nice added accomplishment.

I did my real shopping at Dollar Tree and walked home slowly with breaks along the way. That was plenty to do today “outside.”

The sleepiness kept getting worse, and by 5 p.m. (17:00), I “knew” I would not get to my meeting this evening. I wanted to watch the news, so I did not lie down. At 6:10 (18:10), I suddenly realized I was wide awake. I went on to my meeting. The drowsiness has come and gone a couple of times since, but not as bad.

While setting up my trip, I discovered a brand new crosstown bus route (#21) that will take me up Rome Hilliard Road (or Hilliard Rome Road; depends who you ask). It goes to Tuttle Crossing Mall and all the way to Sawmill & Bethel Roads. That’s a lot of shopping and other things opened up to West Side bus riders. The near end of that route is at the casino, which is on the #10 line (where I live) and an easy bicycle ride away. Very cool!

The buses still have not settled into the new schedules, but they run close enough to use.

I think that’s enough writing for tonight.


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