Daily Life and a Scary Moment

I didn’t write yesterday because nothing much happened. This evening an online friend who is accepting hospice care wrote a blog post that reminded me we’re each more important to someone than we’re likely to realize. Here goes.

I don’t think I mentioned hacking the blinds/curtain situation. I turned my one curtain on its side and attached it with shower curtain rings and safety pins. I’m not sure how clear my pictures are, but here goes.

Yesterday, I finally called the 800 number for Social Security to try again to get my address straight with them. This time, the young man spent 28 minutes on my call and finally said the local office (Newark, OH) was the problem. Given the stress I and my lawyer have had with them, that’s probably true. It goes on the “do list” for Monday. Other than that, I rode a new crosstown bus route to the Walmart in Hilliard, just to be a little familiar with it. That one only runs once an hour, so it will be important to keep track of the times it passes my stop.

Today was nice, but I miscalculated the weather and stayed outside too long. Right in the heat of the day, I took a bus to the Short North Dollar Tree. (It will be closing. Dang!)  After that, I decided to walk to a Family Dollar store three blocks away, and that was the mistake. Today’s front was on its way, and the air was too thick for me to breathe. I had stress by the time I got there. I didn’t find the shoes I’d hoped for. My bus stop was right in front of the store. As I boarded the bus, I realized that one of those solid “chunk” things that doctors apparently don’t believe in was ready to choke me if I were not very careful. I breathed very carefully until I got downtown, then managed to spit that gross thing out on the way to my next stop. The weather was beginning to change at that moment, and I felt ok from then on.

The wind blew hard most of the day, and the rain began a few seconds after I stepped off the bus. I had my poncho with me. I struggled with putting it on in that wind, but finally succeeded. I reached home and have rested ever since.

I noticed again someone talking louder than I like outside around 10:00 pm (22:00), which happens too often. However, this one is not a tenant or the building manager. It’s someone who was ignoring a restraining order and bothering the guy next door. She smiled at me. Coming from her, even a smile is scary.


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