Bus Riding Day

I am spending much of my day on buses. We’re having a great day for that and for spending time outdoors waiting for them. I wore an extra layer this morning (warm long-sleeved shirt) and will carry it “just in case” this evening. Most of the day has delighted me. Sunshine and temperatures in the 70s F (the low 20s Celsius)  do that for me.

When I headed downtown this morning for my usual meeting, some kind of marathon or whatever had Broad Street and several others blocked. That added around 15 minutes to the travel time. I took the bus that should have been too early. Today, it got me there on time.

After the meeting, the re-routing around the marathon/race continued. I found the improvised stop on Third Street easily and got lucky. I wanted to go to a Walmart, either on East Main or South High. The #2 East Main bus showed up, actually running early, and gave me a nice place to sit until departure time. I see marathons, fairs, festivals, etc., as recreational. I wish they took place on those “multi-purpose trails” and/or in the many parks in Columbus. They have become a major impediment to Sunday morning travel downtown. I know from having worked downtown that the festivals can be a hassle on Fridays and Saturdays, too.

To my surprise, the type of shoes I hoped to find at Family Dollar or Dollar General turned up at Walmart. For $10, I found a good pair of athletic-type shoes to replace my worn-out “deck” shoes. I’ll thread the laces through the “extra” pair of eyelets at the top to keep them from tripping me.


New shoes 9-11-2016 Walmart $10. Long laces.

Quick comment on good shoes:


Put one foot in front of the other. Change feet. Repeat until you get somewhere.

I had hoped to get a pair that weren’t too “showy.” These score 100 on that test.

I got more groceries and a few other things, and I spent some time just looking around the store. Still no “small squeeze bottle” for my nasal washing, but that’s not urgent. I’m doing ok with what I have. I changed shoes outside the store.

By the time I came back downtown, some of the buses were running their usual routes, including both of mine. I came home ok. The first test of the new shoes, walking from the bus stop with my full backpack, went well.

I’ll be back on transit just after 5 pm, which is why I’m writing this early. I’ll get to my friend Joe’s place by 6:30 pm and we’ll head for Marengo, Ohio, to meet up with some of our friends. My bus pas is a great investment!


6 thoughts on “Bus Riding Day

    1. lcy

      Oh boy, you & I are 2-of-a-kind !! When I was I toddler the only way I could keep myself in a ‘vertical position’ was to stand UP & run, the initial impulse kept me going… thus, I could say I learned TO RUN before I learned to walk ( just out of need ). But, upon growing up I still tripped on my shoelaces. Granny ( wise little old lady & sometimes a pain- in -the- you -know-where ) taught me the nobel concept of: ‘ securing the bow ‘. The steps she said, were the following:
      1) Tight the bow firmly.
      2) Grab both bow’s loops.
      3) Tight @ knot using the loops.
      4) pool the new knot tightly.
      5) If the loops still are TOO LONG, repeat the procedure…the whole thing may look weird, but is effective.

      Thank You granny for your teachings, now I’m able to walk without tripping on my shoelaces.( aren’t grannies great ?? )

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    That would certainly be a way to take up the extra laces. I never thought of that.

    My grandmother was very old by the time I remember her, and she was playing the part of a nice, helpless old lady. My generation didn’t know until much later that she had a history and a half, including running away with a Wild West show–leaving several of her children to fend for themselves for the summer.

    1. lcy

      Your granny was ‘ @ free-spirit ‘ ( or different )?… don’t feel bad about it, many families have their share of ‘ black sheep ‘ in them; I have the ‘ privilege ‘ of having 4 of them ( at least LOL ). What a family is my family !!!! Oh well, it could be worse, couldn’t it ? We can chose our friends, but not our family, we got stuck with ’em. The most we can do is putting a heathy distance between them & US !!!

      How are your shoelaces coming along ?

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    I tell people that in my family, black sheep is a competition. I don’t get upset about all that. I have a “background” myself. I’m in recovery about that. Evidently, my grandmother (my mother’s mother, the only grandparent I remember) had a really interesting life, but stressful for her kids at some points.

    The shoe laces are working fine. I just laced them through the extra eyelets.


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