Feedback Request, Local News, etc.

I’m going to admit that I’m getting bored with writing about the same stuff over and over, even though it’s important to me. My stress about not being fully awake, the weather and its effects on me, my interest in transit riding, and frustration with bureaucracy still matter to me  but are not new.



How about more observations and ideas? If someone reads this far, please let me know. My views other than politics interest me more than the insane election year, to be honest. I could write about any number of observations and ideas. Stuff I see from bus windows fascinates me sometimes, like an SUV with a Clinton sticker on the right side and a Trump sticker on the left. How’s that working for them? (Ok, that one’s political, but we don’t have to take sides to see the weirdness.)  So do events and ideas from news and current events. Also, I know a wide variety of people, each with his or her own experiences and ideas. As many of you know, I have plenty of ideas of my own, too.  At least, I might be able to share something to think or talk about. (I could talk political insanity, but why? I don’t come from an R versus D viewpoint, and I’m tired of it all.)

I want to mention what’s keeping this part of Columbus in the news. The stink from the warehouse fire weeks ago (August 19) lingers on and on. We were on the local newscasts again today, with a protestor and the fire’s neighbors on Valleyview Drive talking about it. People who live close to the fire site are using respirators to go outside. I’ve taken out my trash needlessly at least once because the smell is so strong that I thought it was inside my apartment. That’s pretty bad; I have a weak sense of smell and I live over half a mile away. The whole neighborhood smells exactly like food rotting. When my buddy Joe drove me home Sunday night, he came here via West Broad Street and talked about the smell while we were still on Broad (without me bringing it up at all). That part of Broad is close to a mile from the debris pile. Somehow, the Health Department has not done anything about that mess despite the strong rank smell, serious increase in mosquitoes, and stories of large rats and even coyotes in the area. The County Health Department says they will spray for the mosquitoes.

I didn’t write last night, and the reason is more of the usual. The weather’s been great, but I have been too sleepy to enjoy it much. Yesterday morning was relatively productive; I made a couple of useful phone calls. Even though a nap overtook me in early afternoon, by dark I was half asleep and only sitting up out of stubbornness. I was in no shape to write, didn’t remember to stream the news, and was not up to reading a book or anything interesting. I somehow refrained from lying down until 10:00 pm in hopes of sleeping eight hours. Not so much, but I managed about six and a half, I think.

Today was more pleasant mostly because I didn’t have much planned to do, so I didn’t lose anything to sleepiness. Also, the weather continues nice. I have kept the air conditioner and the fan both off most of the day despite temperatures into the 80s F. The humidity is so low that I’m comfortable. My asthma is pretty much quiet for this moment. My big accomplishment today was finally figuring out that people sell single bicycle spokes on ebay and on a particular out-of-town bicycle shop’s site. I cannot afford the usual package of 36, and I would not use them up ever. All I need to do next on that front is find spokes close by so that I won’t have to pay shipping. I miss riding.


2 thoughts on “Feedback Request, Local News, etc.

  1. lcy

    ‘ an SUV with a Clinton sticker on the right side, and a Trump sticker on the left’, haven’t you figured something was missing on the SUV with opposite stickers, on the opposite sides ? I get the feeling they missed the legend about the stickers meaning, stating:
    ” Whom are you going to vote against ” ??? LOL.


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