Updated: Now I Wake Up (8 p.m.)

First of all, I post too many pictures with fake smiles. Here’s one that’s closer to how I feel most of the time. I don’t know how to change the size of these while I’m writing a post, and I don’t think of it before that.


How I really look when I’m sleepy (very often).

I went to Clintonville this morning and got two spokes for my bicycle wheel ($2.99 with tax). I had begun to suspect I had a problem earlier when I realized that my “rim strip” (thing inside the rim that keeps spokes from poking holes in the tube) was not the old kind I’m used to that slips off and on easily. This one looks like athletic tape, and I don’t know how to take it off or whether I can re-use it. I think I put it in there, but that was years ago. The only version of this I saw at Walmart costs $10, so that’s out of my budget any time soon. The whole thing got much worse when I tried to thread the first spoke through the hole in the hub and had to bend it a lot to get it past the sprocket cluster and what not on the opposite side of the hub. I’ll see if I can tighten it up and straighten it out when I solve the rim strip issue one way or another. I decided not to go to the bike co-op today because I have stress from the chaos there at the best of times, and today was not the best. It will all just have to wait for another day.

I went downtown after all that, then east to the Walmart on East Main.  I stocked up a little more on food and checked on some prices for taxables. By the time I left the store, I looked like the sleepy picture above. I made it home at 5:40 p.m. (17:40) and skipped the meeting. I’m just now waking up a little better.

I’m going to post a couple more pictures of myself. The first one is the standard smiling type, and the second is probably a more common sight, with me scratching my beard.


I’m thinking seriously about going clean shaven for a while and seeing if I like that better. I grew the chin whiskers within the last fifteen or twenty years, and they’ve come and gone a few times. However, I’ve had a mustache almost every day since it began to grow at age 19. I’m itching more than I remember, especially in the mustache, but I also think my personality may have evolved to the point where it just doesn’t suit me any more. (Plus it’s a nuisance to trim that stuff neatly with my poor motor skills.) We shall see, but that clean shave is likely to get a tryout soon.

Update: That Was Strange

So I went ahead and started taking the beard off, beginning with the mustache. My little rechargeable beard trimmer I use for that quit right in the middle of my face. Just gave up, even when I plugged it in. I brought out Plan B, my older hair clipper that still works fine. I plugged it in because it had probably lost its charge since I last used it. It didn’t even finish off the mustache. I completed cutting that with scissors and one of those little bitty trimmers I use on my unibrow. I figured I’d better stop there and recharge both clippers and my head as well.

There are NO pictures of the screwup. I’m not having that float around cyberspace for the next thirty years. However, I took a picture of the results.


What do you all think? Try again or “leave well enough alone?”


2 thoughts on “Updated: Now I Wake Up (8 p.m.)

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    The incomplete repair is a learning process that is held up by my drowsiness. Had I been willing and able to use the co-op, that would surely be over. I still have a sense of humor/proportion. I have used that bike hard over the years, in particular for cargo. I’m overdue for a lesson in spoke replacement.

    As far as the shaving incident, that’s an interesting incident, as it turned out. I’m not used to that much equipment failure. However, I don’t really concern myself with that kind appearances very much. The reason I put it in is because people continually say, “You didn’t warn us” or things like that when I change my appearance. I guess it means more to them than to me.


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