It’s All Good

I’m having one of those “it’s all good” days, I guess. Other than the return of humidity, better than good.

I’m still getting used to the change of facial hair, and still deciding whether to keep the chin whiskers.


I posted this one on Facebook. My friend Joe commented on how big my glasses are, and I agree. I knew they looked funny, even to me, when I chose them. I got the great big “field of vision” I wanted and safety glass. I like these even though they look odd.

I live in Ohio, one of the Great Lakes States. Humidity comes with the territory, along with beautiful green grass and enough rain to make things grow easily. Today, the humidity was high, but the temperature peaked at 81 F (27 C), not too hot. It only felt hot.

I got up this morning knowing I would not go Downtown as I often do on Sundays. The TV news had announced some kind of event that would have streets blocked, and I don’t want anything Downtown enough to cope with that.

I took buses in the direction of a noon meeting, but couldn’t decide to get off the bus at the meeting place. It’s not a regular meeting for me, and I just didn’t want it enough. Not wanting to stay on the bus too much longer and get entangled in the closed streets, I left the inbound bus near Mount Carmel Hospital West, intending to take a #3 bus outbound to the Walmart near me. I waited over an hour, but the buses were held up in the traffic problem. I took an outbound #6 that finally came, which would get me into the area fairly near Walmart. I had a bad news/good news thing after that. The bad news is that the #3 that should have shown up shortly after the #6 never came. The good news is that I was able to walk to Walmart, about 1.4 miles, without too much stress despite the humidity. My feet hurt a little, but that’s to be expected.

I wandered around Walmart and picked up a few food items, but the accomplishment for the day was mostly in getting there under the conditions. I’m very pleased that I can walk a mile (and more!) again. By the time I left the store, the buses ran on time and as expected. I made it home tired but happy with my progress.


2 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. lcy

    it’s been said that everything has pros & cons… large eyes glasses will provide more ocular protection ( pro ) but, their WT will make them feel uncomfortable on your nose ( con ). I myself, wear glasses & upon switching from large frame to @ small one I noticed two phenomena 1) I frequently get debris in my eyes ( CON ) but … 2 ) my nose is extremely happy, the weigh has been reduced to 1 / 2 of what it previously carried on ( pro ).

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    You’re basically right. Everything’s a trade-off of some sort. I have been wearing glasses for 43 years and still don’t like them, but some do better for my priorities than others. These have polycarbonate lenses, which resist impact very well and are the best safety glass lenses. I haven’t had much trouble with debris in my eyes, but I have ruined glasses by dropping them and I worry a bit as a cyclist and as a do-it-yourselfer about things hitting my lenses. The weight of this particular pair of glasses is pretty low for their size, and that’s a bonus. What I really wanted, though, was the field of vision. I do not have large blurry areas around the frames of these glasses as I have had with smaller ones. That was what I wanted.


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