Summer and I, Still Hanging On

I just wrote a nice blog post and it totally vanished. I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to this thing not working well. Oh well, here goes again.

I still have the chin whiskers, but they still itch. I have not gone clean shaven for over a week in around 40 years, but it could happen.

The heat and humidity are still hanging on, and I’m doing as well as I would expect. No worse, but no better. Today, the high temperature is 11 degrees above average. I admit to feeling as if Mother Nature is taunting me sometimes. Right now, I’m living out an old saying I used to use a lot. “When all else fails, outlive it.” I will outlive the summer weather, maybe by Monday but surely by the end of the month.

I still do not have the bike back on the road, but I made a smidgen of progress today. While I shopped for shampoo at Dollar Tree, I stumbled across athletic tape that I think I can use in place of the “rim tape” that costs ten times as much. Other than that, I have to admit I’m running out of momentum on that particular project. I’ll have to get some discipline going, though, because I need that bike.

I had a really nice moment yesterday. I bought a nice book bag size backpack in like-new condition Monday at Volunteer Thrift for $1.91, the same price as my great little fan. Yesterday while I was looking for something else on the Internet, I came across that exact same bag on the manufacturer’s (JanSport) web site for $30-some plus shipping. Way to go, Volunteer Thrift!

This is a little short for a blog according some expert I read somewhere, but I’m out of things to say, so that’s all for now.


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