My Day’s Accomplishment and What Not

On a personal note, my efforts as clergy have always been very limited and are now completely at a stop. I apparently no longer have another clergy person that I can consult for my own needs, and therefore cannot meet my own requirements.

In a more cheerful development, I put the spokes into my bicycle wheel today. I think they need tuning, and I cannot find a tiny fitting that goes on the Presta valve of my tube, but having the spokes in place is real progress. I know ways to accomplish the tuning and to replace the tube.


You can’t see them very well in this picture, but two of the spokes are black. Those are the new ones. The one to the left stands out a little, but the other one is mixed in with shadows of the spokes already there. Poor photo angle.

I’ll take the wheel to the co-op Saturday if that works out and get it tuned. If I can, I’ll also get another tube with the right kind of valve (Schrader valve).

The humidity seems not as bad as it was in August. That’s definitely a good development. I can do things even though the temperature continues high. We have little or no wind the past few days, which mystifies me. When does this part of Ohio not have wind?

I’m not getting as much done as I’d like, but I made my way to Aldi’s this evening before the meeting and bought a dozen eggs for my next try at cooking. As I headed for the bus stop on my way home, my ankle turned. That rarely causes me a serious injury, but sometimes I have to take a fall to keep my weight off the ankle. I feel especially grateful not to have gone down tonight because those eggs would have made a serious mess in my backpack.

I’m up very late for me writing this due to insomnia, which is unusual these days. All the same, I think I’ve written enough for now. Take care of yourselves.


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