A Couple of Nice Days

I have had a couple of good days. Yesterday, I did something for the “accomplishment,” but it got overshadowed by my visit to a park.

Many of you know that I am a nature worshiper in a literal sense. I need to immerse myself in scenes other than people and pavement every so often, and the Equinox is a good occasion for that. I missed “on the day,” but got there yesterday.


Not my picture, but a nice one. Scenes like this are the reason I make an effort to go to the parks.

I have a favorite park, and the picture above gives you an idea why. This is within (my) walking distance of a bus line, and is in a part of a city park that most people never see. I didn’t do any kind of ritual or anything special. I just found a good place to sit in the woods behind the viewpoint of this picture. I sat and communed with Mother Nature for some period of time. I don’t know how long I stayed. Time doesn’t matter when I do that.

I didn’t see much wildlife this time, just a cardinal on my way in and a squirrel or chipmunk working on winter storage. Oh, and Canada geese. They abound in Columbus these days. Along the river, I enjoy watching them. On the bike trails, not so much.

I went yesterday because I planned today for the trip to the bike co-op to try to get the bicycle spokes straightened out. I was not able to tolerate the busy/chaotic environment long enough for that, but I found the right kind of tube for $1 to replace the one with the wrong valve, and that matters. I came home tired but determined.


What’s so great about this picture? It’s not at home. The bike is back on the road!

I adjusted the spokes as well as I could by guessing and using old-fashioned “pinchers” (slip joint pliers). When I put the whole thing together, it didn’t appear to need truing. I’m back on (my own) wheels! When I haul cargo again, I’ll probably use the trailer for almost anything. Carrying too much weight on the luggage rack might have broken the spokes. The other possible cause is the muddy mess I got into a few weeks back. I can easily prevent that by staying on paved surfaces, where I belong. I’ll leave the mud for the mountain bikes.


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