Day to Day

3:30 p.m. (1530), Sunday, September 25. I’m having a good afternoon. The weather is ideal, with bright sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s (say, 25 C), and low humidity. Combined with today being Sunday (lighter traffic than weekdays), that made it the best day I’ll have to take a bicycle ride. I decided to ride to Aldi’s, which is around 3.7 miles (6 km) if I go straight out West Broad Street most of the way. Once west of the casino, I can ride all the rest of the way on a bicycle lane, much of it brand new. I had a glorious ride.

The new bike lane crosses the ramps at the I-270 freeway interchange. The way that crossing works now has massively improved walking and cycling there from when I lived in the area. Back then, it took me as long as ten minutes to cross the ramps coming from the freeway. The traffic there was just too heavy, and it was dangerous even when I waited until the ramp looked clear because of fast drivers coming from the hidden part of the ramp.

That has all changed. Some of my friends have surely not seen this, so I’ll show you.

We (cyclists and pedestrians) can push a button to activate warning lights and stop traffic so that we can either reach the next part of the bike lane or get to the sidewalk on the other side of the ramp. (The crosswalk will be painted later.) This is happy news for me and for many others.

I’m headed for a hog roast in Marengo (a couple counties away) with my friend Joe. I’ll finish this later.

9:30 a.m. Monday, September 26. The temperature this morning is close to yesterday’s at this time, but everything else is different. A solid cloud sheets the sky, the wind has finally picked up, and the air feels rainy. A cold front will arrive this morning with a few hours’ rain and then autumn weather will follow. I’m more than ready for it.

I enjoyed the hog roast. I go to very few large social events, but now and then it’s nice to see so many of my friends in one place.


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