Daily Doings and Phone Fail

I’ve had a pretty slow and sleepy time the past few days. I got the laundry done yesterday by not planning anything else, so that I could take as long as the dryer needed. I had a nice, long conversation with Loretta. By the time I got home, though, I was 70% asleep. As far as I remember, nothing else happened yesterday.

This morning, Sean who does the maintenance here came by and lit the pilot on my heater. I’m glad for that. The last two mornings have been just cool enough to take as a warning that the weather will chill. That heater has been working well except for the smoke alarm going off a few widely-separated times, notably when I took a nap early this afternoon. It goes off for a few seconds and stops, except I think it was longer during the nap. When I have to sleep, nothing keeps me awake. I don’t like hypersomnia, but I think if I’d believed I was in danger I could have done something. Anyhow, my conclusion is that the detector is simply too sensitive and/or the heater had dust on it that had to burn off.

This evening, my Lifelink cell phone (a.k.a. Obamaphone) came. Here’s a picture:


Lifelink phone and fake smile

The fake smile is more fake than usual. See the wall behind me? There’s a real chance the phone will wind up smashing into it. I’m finding the stupid thing very frustrating. The virtual keyboard is smaller than my fingers by quite a lot and lacks at least one symbol I used in my password for Google. I had to change my password, but I still can’t download apps because it tells me I’m not signed in. It took me about twenty minutes, but I was definitely signed in. What was the point of getting a “smart” phone? Yes, it was for the apps. I also had a nasty time with the built-in Google Maps despite doing fine with that one on this computer and my tablet. All in all, so far I’m better off paying for service with the non-“smart” phone I’ve been using.

At least I can still vent on here. The phone makes this thing look easy.


2 thoughts on “Daily Doings and Phone Fail

  1. lcy

    Were you a night worker ? often times it happens that people that worked graveyard shift has circadian rhythm changes & even though they retire and are able to lead a normal life, they can’t. They remain awake at night & sleep during day-time. Bummer !

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    No, I have not worked at night since 2000. I spent most of my working life as a temporary office/clerical worker. These days I’m disabled due to sleep issues. I have mild sleep apnea, but the central issue is “hypersomnia,” which is a diagnosis given when a person falls asleep unexpectedly during the day even if they sleep well at night. “Hypersomnia” essentially means that the brain waves when I was tested didn’t fit narcolepsy, but there is no further explanation.


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