The weather has really hit its stride the last few days and I’ve been enjoying it. Maybe a little too much.

I took off yesterday around noon with the bike and trailer in hopes of picking up a microwave I saw at the Volunteers thrift shop for $10.10. No such luck; it was gone and the only other one there was $20.20, out of my range. I picked up a coffee pot. On the way home, I realized I had a flat tire on the rear. I rode home with the help of $1 worth of air from a handy Speedway station. When I pumped it up again at home, the tire would not hold air.

I checked the tube by putting it under water in a sink and rotating. I only found one trouble spot, but that was a cut on the valve stem. That’s the only part of a bike tube that cannot be repaired. I didn’t get my $1’s worth out of my used tube, but that’s just bad luck. The good luck is that I still had the other intact tube with the Presta valve. I put that in, put the wheel assembly together and replaced on the bike. I’m back on wheels. I took a break in the middle of that job to look at the coffee maker.


It’s not as huge as it looks; I just put it on a narrow strip of counter top. This thing is a Gevalia CM500. (If anybody knows anything about Gevalia that I need to know, please share.) My first move was to run a carafe through it with half vinegar and half water. It seems my coffee maker, like my mind, had more dirt on the inside than the outside. I ran a second batch of cleaning solution. That one came out clean.

So far, the coffee pot is working beautifully as a hot water heater and warmer. I do not yet have filters (Gevalia #4 cone-shaped ones) to try making coffee with it. I’ll do that soon, but I had a specific reason for buying a coffee maker when I couldn’t get the microwave I wanted. I use small amounts of hot water for several different purposes. Heating 1/4 cup of water on the stove for oatmeal just wastes heat and water, and the same goes for single servings of several things I eat. I tend to use instant coffee and tea often, too. I’m sure other uses will show up.

So it was still a beautiful day and I still had a little energy left. Sunday (yesterday) has the least bus service of the week, and I still wanted a microwave. Other days I would have taken my chances with the bus, but yesterday I decided to ride the bike, with the trailer, to another thrift shop. The second one is closer than the Volunteers, but it was still too much exercise and I’m paying for it today. That one, an Ohio Thrift, didn’t have a suitable microwave either. Neither did the Big Lots two doors down. After all that work, I struck out on microwaves. I gave up and came back here. After that, I went to Marengo with my friend Joe, but of course I was half awake much of the time.

So I got up this morning stiff and not really well rested. All the same, by afternoon I had persuaded myself that I needed to look in a third thrift shop for a microwave. The one I had in mind is at Central Point and is in fact hard to reach by bus. Back on the bicycle, I made my way there, found no microwave, stopped briefly at a nearby Aldi store, and returned. I felt as if I had a stiff head wind both ways and part of the way (on an off-road trail) was so sleepy that I could not have ridden safely in traffic. Also, I sat here once I got home for about an hour, unable to function due to sleepiness. My knees are giving me pain whenever I stand up. Too much. Much too much. I’ll take a lesson and make tomorrow easier.


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