Kitchen Evolution

My kitchen has finally begun to evolve into a more useful form. I moved here with very little furniture, and my budget didn’t budge. However, all things change in time, even my housekeeping arrangements. Here’s how the kitchen has been set up, other than the sink and counter-top:


Kitchen as it began. The black blob at lower right is the trash bag. I re-created this, but forgot the bag of grocery bags, which was where the broom is.

Yesterday, I temporarily gave up the hunt for a microwave in favor of getting a shelf unit for the kitchen. Walmart had a really cheap ($15) small one. I realized I didn’t have a good place to put a microwave if I got one, and the cabinets and counter-top were crowded. So that gave me this:


It’s a little awkward because the top of the coffee pot was above my head, making it a nuisance to fill. Also, this leaves no place for a microwave whenever I finally get one.

So today, I did my laundry at Loretta’s place again. (Overdid the walking, too.) Just as I was leaving, she gave me a stand that started life as an aquarium stand. It’s the perfect place for the coffee pot. I added it to the load on my 2-wheel hand truck and walked it home. This arrangement is what I’d like to keep using:


Sorry about the odd angle.

Once I get a piece of plywood for the bottom shelf, that will be even better. All the same, in two days my kitchen has improved 100%. The trash moved to the wall to the right of this picture, and I have a few details to work out, but all in all I’m very happy.


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