Trying to Take Easy Days

I’ve had a couple of like-it-or-not easy days. I’ve done a few good 12-Step things that won’t get much discussion on the blog because the blog is public, not anonymous. That’s it for yesterday, though. The down time yesterday was because overdoing the walking on Wednesday made my feet (mostly the left one) hurt enough to keep me from walking any further than the bus stop yesterday. That was a little too far, realistically, but I got away with it. I’m not good at sitting quietly all day, even when that might be better.

I got a few errands done today on the bicycle. I took it pretty easy even walking around Save-A-Lot, but the stuff that had to happen did happen. Then I caught a bus Downtown for more 12-Step stuff, came back here, and have vegetated ever since.I have had two unwelcome naps today and it’s still an effort to stay up until 10:00 p.m. (2200). I need to get that doctor I’ve been seeing moving on this hypersomnia thing and a couple more items as well.

As far as I remember, I’m even all caught up on Internet stuff. I’m bored with sitting, too. I’m thinking I can get back to errands and whatever tomorrow.

My best “accomplishment” that I’ll talk about here was taking another profile picture for Facebook and whatever. It seems the clean shave will stick around for now.


Well,that came out huge and not especially nice, and I have no idea how to make it a reasonable size and style. Besides, this computer has enough other problems. The keyboard that came with it has started working again, more or less. I have no idea what went wrong or how it got fixed. More importantly, I got the update for Windows 10 this week. In true Microsoft style, they fixed one problem and created another that’s worse. The “airplane mode” problem is gone, but now the Internet connection breaks at random with no notification or anything. I still have to re-start whenever some other thing craps out, too. Oh, well, it’s still usable unless I lose my temper on it.

I will probably have to use the government phone despite all the stress I’m getting about learning it. The number is different, and I will not post it publicly.


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