Another Kitchen Picture


Kitchen cabinets, full of groceries 10-8-2016

This is the part of my kitchen I didn’t post a few days ago. I’m even happier with this than with the other changes. I haven’t changed or upgraded anything here except for moving a few things to the shelves and filling the cabinets with food. I can’t reach the top shelves, but I had to put a few things there. That’s the happy part. I have all the food my cabinets can handle, with the exception of a few more items I’ll get soon. That hole next to the ramen noodles will fill with stuff I like better than ramen. My little fridge (lower right) is about as full as it gets as well.

I haven’t been “really” hungry much in my adult life, but I had days in my childhood when my choice was to eat something I could just barely swallow or do without eating. A few times, I didn’t even have that choice. As much of a minimalist as I am in most other things, I will put away enough non-perishable food to feed me for a long time.

Beyond the psychology of having experienced hunger, there’s another factor at work here. The government gives, and the government takes. I am due for a “re-authorization” of my food benefits this month, and I’m still trying to figure out the form they sent me two weeks ago. If you know that I spent a couple of decades building on my secretarial science college work, you might understand that the form is a bit difficult. Plenty of people lose their assistance because of these forms. If I get into trouble, at least I’ll be able to eat while I work to get it fixed.

There are food pantries here, but I have not gone near them. I never do unless I’m dramatically hungry. The pantries I have encountered share an attitude that the “clients” are pretty much scum, out to scam the system. This runs much deeper with those people than with the government workers administering programs. The government workers mostly have bizarre rules passed down to them from political higher-ups, and many have a predictable level of burnout. The people at the pantries, even though many volunteer, seem far more suspicious and judgmental. This may be different somewhere, but I have yet to see it.


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