Voting–You Gotta Want It


I took this just after voting today. Voting was definitely my accomplishment for today, and it was not easy. My polling place for the “regular” election is far from a bus line. Very far. It was already .4 miles from the nearest bus line, the #10 West Broad. Then, last week, I got a notice that it had been moved. Now it’s .7 miles away. Large numbers of people cannot walk that far. Sometimes I think the people making decisions would rather those of us with no car had no vote.

However, I’m determined to vote and I have spare time these days. I knew the early voting location was on Morse Road and directly on the #8 bus line. It’s 15 miles from here, but involves far less walking than trying to reach my polling place on November 8. I can’t count on being able to ride the bicycle because we’ve had snow here by that time of year, and I don’t ride in snow or ice. Today was gorgeous, so I didn’t have to chance it.

The ride was an hour and a half going there and about an hour and 40 minutes home. Actually voting was relatively easy. I went prepared with ID and the notice about the polling place to prove my address. The first day of early voting had begun to wind down by the time I got there, about 3:30 p.m. (1530). Plenty of people were voting, but there were few waiting. I voted for every Green Party candidate and filled in with Democrats in the other contested races. Then I got my sticker, walked to the bus stop, and took a picture while I waited. I’m not sure why my T-shirt came out looking textured like that. The picture makes my face look sort of strange too, but oh well.

I am satisfied that I have voted in what will surely be the most bizarre Presidential election of my lifetime. I’m not sure whether I want one or both of the major-party candidates to report to jail before the election, but it’s possible.


2 thoughts on “Voting–You Gotta Want It

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    I just didn’t “get there” with requesting a mail-in ballot ahead of time this year. As things heat up, those are less and less likely to arrive and return by Election Day, and I want my vote to be in when the counting begins.


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