If you could read this and don’t and then you complain that I didn’t give you my new phone number, you’re not getting much sympathy. My current number will not work after October 28.

I’m not finding much to say because I don’t get much feedback. I do this as a way to keep in touch with people and to have a dialog about whatever’s on my mind. If people don’t comment or respond on Facebook, I have nothing to work with. I’m not the type of person who writes because it’s a passion or self-expression or something. I’m not even sure what that means.

My sleep issue has improved to the point where I’m getting some things done even though I’m non-functional on the bus and some of the time sitting here at the computer. I phoned my lawyer and Social Security with my new phone number, got a paper to the welfare office, and bought a lot of groceries this week. I also talked to my High Priestess (at last!). There was some misunderstanding or fumble when I called on the Equinox, but we will celebrate Samhain.

So, right now I’m sitting here listening to the Knox County scanner via Internet and doing my usual Facebook/email/read blogs routine. Have a nice evening, unless you’ve made other plans.


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