Pretty Pictures


Looking east on #CampChaseTrail (part of #OhiotoErieTrail) in Columbus near Eureka Avenue 10-28-2016


Looking west on #CampChaseTrail (part of #OhiotoErieTrail) from just west of Eureka Avenue in Columbus. I’m not sure if this is a “rail trail,” because the railroad is still in use.

I don’t know if our leaves are at “peak color” or not here, but it’s very pretty. The weather was nice today, too, with temperatures in the 50s F and light winds from the south. I took these pictures around 4 p.m. (1600) about a mile from home.

As far as I know, my old phone with the 740 area code shuts off tonight. I’m still learning the new “smart” phone, but I know enough about it to make and receive calls. I took the pictures with it, too.

I’ve had some nice compliments on my clean shave, but I’m considering going back to the goatee or maybe a full beard for winter. That’s mostly because I continue to cut myself when I shave, almost always where the goatee grew. I grew that in the first place because it’s thick and difficult to shave. Feedback is welcome, though.

I’m a little sleepy and running out of things to say, so I’ll shut this off here.


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