Bike and Bus, Not Combined Yet


My Diamondback Edgewood with the BMX handlebars set back toward the rider.

I have my bicycle handlebars in the strangest-looking setup I’ve ever used. I pulled them back and down with the idea of making them acceptable to bus drivers for their bike racks. I still don’t know if that will work, but I discovered that they’re very comfortable for riding. I expected them to hit me in the side on turns, but that has yet to happen. The only issue I have is mounting the bike, and that’s a good trade-off for comfortable riding.

So I followed that up by heading to Walmart without the bike, only wanting a tire and tube for my trailer. It would have been a better idea to ride the bike to the nearest Walmart. The exercise factor riding the bus to Walmart is walking to the nearest stop, changing buses Downtown and then walking from the East Main stop to the actual store. As with most Walmarts, this one has a gigantic parking lot.


You can sort of see the front of the Walmart by looking at the post on AutoZone and seeing the roof line behind it. It’s a long walk, at least a quarter mile and maybe more. Of course, Walmart doesn’t put sidewalks anywhere for pedestrians. They’re built around automobiles. The whole walking distance is at least 6/10 mile each way, 1 2/10 round trip. For the same amount of energy, I could ride one way to the nearby Walmart and part of the way back, without putting up with the crowded bus or taking well over an hour each way.

At least I had good weather for yesterday and today. We have had near-record highs yesterday and today. For some reason, the local CBS station’s weather forecaster mentioned his opinion that this is not an effect of climate change. We have month after month each of which is the warmest of that month in history. I guess he thinks we’re dumb enough to buy that “fluke” idea.

The rest of the time, I have been sleepy. On top of the usual hypersomnia, I slept poorly last night, so today has been mostly lost. I’m going to stop here and try to follow Game 7 of the World Series.


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