Bus Bike & Updated Picture

Ain’t She Pretty?

Well, maybe not. In fact, I’d rather my bike isn’t too pretty. Pretty bikes have a higher theft rate, I think. They sell for more. This is my “bus bike,” meant for riding to and from bus stops that would be a little far to walk. My first destination will be a park that I enjoy. It’s about 7/10 of a mile from the #2 bus line.

The Story

I realized yesterday that I had enough cash to buy one of the things I need. Maybe two, depending. Not wanting to ride the big bike that far, I took the bus to the  Volunteers of America thrift shop out in Galloway. They had a microwave, but it cost $20 and was pretty heavy to carry back to the bus. No TV that I wanted.

I’ve been wanting a bike I could handle easily on the bus racks and count on the drivers not turning it (and me) away. The big bike is great to ride but might not be allowed on a bus because the handlebars stick up so far. Then I saw this bike. It’s the same model as one a grand-kid has, but a different color. It needed a rear tire and tube, but I had those stashed from trash finds back in Mount Vernon about a year ago. I finally found the price. It was a good deal at $10.10. The only other item I found was a little thing like a bedside stand for $8.08. Good deal, but hard to carry. I bought the bike and I will go back when I can to look for that stand or something like it when I have my trailer to haul it.

I got the bike back to the bus stop okay and loaded it onto the rack as easily as I’d hoped. Once I got home, I went to work. Then I did maybe the dumbest bicycle fixing mistake I ever made. I had a really good tube and absent-mindedly kept pumping it up with my hand pump until it blew up. Ruined the tire, too. I still had the funny-looking white tire shown in the picture. It was pretty late for me to go out, but the longer I sat, the more I beat myself up mentally for doing that dumb thing. I headed out to Walmart for another tube.

That went well. I caught a bus Downtown. At the High Street and State stop, an old friend got on, clearly tired and stressed. She lit up at the sight of me. I didn’t need to do anything but say “hi” to help her out. I guess a Greater Power wanted me there. I’m glad I could help.

Today, I put the bike together and rode it a little. I’ll still need a longer seat post (22.2 mm or 7/8″), at least 15″ long to give me enough height to pedal correctly. I’ll go to the co-op Saturday. They should have one cheap.

New Picture


Here I am tonight. As you can see, the clean-shaven look didn’t last. I kept cutting myself shaving where the goatee grows, and I just like the way I look better with facial hair.


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